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~ A glass turtle for everyone! Flameworked artglass beads and jewellery by Ania Kyte.

~ Custom Jewellery...

~ In this section, you will find information on jewellery which I have made by special order.  

~ These are one-of-a-kind creations and are shown here as inspiration for future designs...

Bracelets Necklaces Earrings Pendants/Other

"Amber Shades"

"Calla Wedding"


"RoseAmber Vessel"





"Raku Swirl"


"Black Coral"

"Turtle Motif"

"Mango Swirls"

"Black Coral"



"Ruby Red"


"Pearly Red"


"Cobalt Lime"

"Cobalt Lime"

"Cobalt Lime"

"Black Cat"


"Raku Ocean"


"Amber Glow"



"Breast Cancer Awareness"

"Shimmer Flowers"

"Aqua Swirls"

"Breast Cancer Awareness"


"Violet Summer"

"Violet Summer"

"Violet Summer"




"Party Dress"

"Party Dress"



"Red Wine"


"Peridot Drops"



"InkBlue Snow"






"Ruby Blossom"



~ Custom Order Form

- For purchasing Custom Beads or Jewellery, please email Ania at turtlebeads@hotmail.com to get a price estimate and provide custom request information and requirement deadline.

~ To make the process easier, you can just fill out this form below and click on the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom to request custom lampwork beads or jewellery designs...

Your name *
Your email *
Your location (for shipping estimate) *
Type of custom request *
Budget/Price range
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Delivery date
Other details/requirements

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