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~ A glass turtle for everyone! Flameworked artglass beads and custom jewellery by Ania Kyte.


In this section, you will find information on what's new in my realm of beadmaking and jewellery designing - new techniques, new clients/galleries, upcoming shows, and of course, beads!

~  My studio hours are mostly by appointment (or by chance!), so anyone who is in the Mission area and would like to visit my studio to see my work or purchase beads/jewellery, please email me at: turtlebeads@hotmail.com


~ Check out the latest news on Facebook at: TurtleBeads Studio:



If you are not able to visit my studio in person, feel free to check out my online store at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/turtlebeadsstudio



~ Upcoming gallery events, exhibits, demonstrations or shows which I currently have planned for 2013:
Dates Event Location
April 13, 14, 15, 2013 BC Rock and Gem Show Ag-Rec Arena, Abbotsford, BC
June 21st, 2013 Art in the Park

Twilight Concert Series

Please come and enjoy a summer evening with some wonderful art and music in the park, 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Heritage Park, Mission, BC

July 5th, 2013 Art in the Park

Twilight Concert Series

Heritage Park, Mission, BC
August 16th, 2013 Art in the Park  

Twilight Concert Series

Heritage Park, Mission, BC
July 21st, 2013 Copper & Fire Exhibit/ Demonstration Brittannia Beach Mining Museum

near Squamish, BC

April 11, 12, 13, 2014 BC Rock and Gem Show Ag-Rec Arena, Abbotsford, BC
November 2014 Pacific Pyros:  Molten Obsessions Exhibit 2014 Mission Leisure Centre, Mission BC
April 2015 BC Rock and Gem Show Ag-Rec Arena, Abbotsford, BC
Summer 2016

Pacific Pyros: Molten Obsessions Gallery Exhibit 2016

The Reach Gallery Museum

 Abbotsford, BC


~ 2011-09-29: Today was a major highlight in my artistic life: I was featured in the local paper - The Mission Record - and where else but on the front page!  The arts reporter visited my studio, and wrote a fabulous review of the bead-making process.  He also took some very good photos. 

You can read the article on-line at:


~ 2011-09-16: I'm not sure where this summer went, but we're somehow quickly heading into fall and I'm excited about a few new possibilities...

In addition, my studio has moved into a new space, and while there's still a lot of unpacking left to do, I'm pleased with how it's coming along. I'm very happy that I've already been able to teach classes and have clients visit:



~ 2011-09-01: Two of my necklace designs appear as projects in the 2011 Fall edition of Creative Jewellery magazine, published by the editors of Beadwork Magazine, and it's really exciting to have my work published in this beautiful collection of articles:


~ 2011-08-01: I'm getting geared up with new beads to attend the Fraser Valley Bead Show with the Pacific Pyros, starting October 22, 23, 24th, 2011 at the Langley Convention Centre... Expect to see great artglass/lampwork beads, beading supplies, gemstones, and tools. See you there!

~ 2011-04-30:  I'm looking forward to a few of my new designs being published this Summer and Fall in issues of Lampwork and Stringing magazines (can't show you photos yet!), as well as hoping that some of my work will be juried into the  Fraser Valley 2011 Biennale Exhibition, which will show the work of various artists in galleries throughout the Lower Mainland of BC from June to October of 2011.

And here are a few new finished pieces:


~ 2010-11-15: I'm so happy for any chance I get to be at the torch, and I'm excited about a few new things that are happening, all at once, of course!  I just came up with a spectacular new idea: I've always loved antique keys, and collected many over the years, so it occurred to me that maybe I could make a key out of glass???  Off to the torch I went, and after a few experiments, I had seven glass keys, three of which were pretty neat and even looked like keys! Once I work out all the technical and structural details, I will have a range of these artglass keys available for sale - I'm already considering all the design possibilities:

Sneak Preview:

~ 2010-08-17: I'm off for a bit of a holiday with my family at the end of this week, so there will be no new beads while I'm away.  I'll be back at the torch in September. In the meantime, here are a few new focal beads from this month, mostly custom orders that were waiting for me to get around to them: 



~ 2010-08-01: To start off the month, I wanted to showcase a few new beads I've been working on lately... Some of these will be available for sale in the "Current Beads" section and some have already been sold!


~ 2010-06-01: I've been working on a special collection for Karyn Chopik Studios, and here are some of the new beads which will be featured in the Summer designs:


~ 2010-05-20: You can now see my work "live" at the Mission Arts Gallery in one of the glass display cases.  I have included a nice selection of necklaces, pendants and earrings, as well as bead sets, so I hope you get a chance to stop in at the Gallery and see the exhibit...

Exhibit dates: June 1st until August 22nd, 2010

Location: 33529 1st Avenue, Mission, BC

Contact: 604-826-0029 (call ahead for gallery hours, usually Tues to Sat. 1-4 p.m.)

For more details: Mission Arts Gallery


~ 2010-05-10: I have submitted a few new designs for the Beadwork Magazine "BeadStar" contest. 

Here are my entries for the categories as follows: "Glass", "Gemstones", "Metals", "Hearts", and "Pearls":


~ 2010-04-30: My work has been juried into the "Tea-for-Two"  themed show at the Mission Arts Centre. The exhibit started this week, and opening reception fundraiser will be on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 at 1:00 p.m.. I thought it would be fun to make tiny artglass teapot jewellery with sterling silver and crystal accents:


See more information here: Mission Arts Council

~ 2010-04-07: I'm preparing as many new beads and jewellery pieces as I can for the upcoming BC Gem Show, which takes place in Abbotsford the weekend of April 9, 10 and 11th, 2010. 

See more information here: BC Rock and Gem Show

Here are a few photos of some of the new beads which I will have at the show:



~ 2010-03-23: I'm still working on finalizing the website update, along with creating spring collection beads for Karyn Chopik Studio and custom orders - thanks for all your support and I hope you enjoy the beads:



~  2010-02-23:  I'm currently finishing preparations for my first real-life auction, which will take place on March 13, 2010, held in White Rock, B.C. by Olson Auctions.  A nice range of my finished jewellery items will be available for bidding and purchase by collectors - for more information, click here: West Coast Auctions:



~ I was recently asked to submit 20 focal beads to the Montreal Museum for their Spring 2010 glass bead exhibit, which will be on display from March 4th to April 11th, 2010: "Glass Beads, More than adornment":



~  2009-11-23: I'm in the process of finishing writing a new article for GlassLine magazine, as well as preparing some new work for the upcoming bi-annual Pacific Pyros Molten Obsessions 2010 exhibition taking place at Place des Arts in Coquitlam in January 2010...


~ 2009-06-01:  I'm pleased to announce that two of my jewellery designs were published in the Summer 2009 edition of Stringing Magazine!  You can find the various lampwork beads I created and then used to hand-craft these necklaces for purchase on my website in the "BEADS" section:

  "Antique Amber" "Silver in the Round"

~  2009-04-20: I'm happy to report that another weekend was well-spent at the annual BC Rock and Gem Show  which took place this April in Abbotsford, BC.   Thanks to everyone who came to the show to visit, browse, and buy beads :)   I will now be busy catching up on custom and designer orders, and then hopefully, I will have a chance to update the website with new beads (particularly frogs and teapots!)

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